Paket Keyboard Mouse A4TECH 7500N (GX-68+G7-630N) Wireless Desktop

Paket Keyboard Mouse A4TECH 7500N (GX-68+G7-630N) Wireless Desktop

Product Code: 7500N
Dimensions (L x W x H): 17 x 50 x 5 (Centimeter)
Weight: 1 Kilogram
Tags: Keyboard Mouse
Product details of Paket Keyboard Mouse A4TECH 7500N (GX-68+G7-630N) Wireless Desktop


Spesification :

Perfect surface adaptability, innovative V-Track technology utilizes vertical ray which goes deep into the details of all surfaces. Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere, even on furry textiles. Throw away your mouse pad.
XFAR No shaking 2.4G wireless connection, compared with conventional 2.4G wireless technology, XFAR No shaking delivers the absolute stability of wired mice with wireless convenience and freedom. No delays and shaking.
2.4GHz wireless transmission, operation range up to 10 meters (Note : the actual distance depence on environment)
2-way communication, provides fast and accurate data transmission.
Auto hopping channel, prevent RF interferences.
Power-saving management, sleeping time and wake-up settings automatic power-off after PC is turned off.
Adjustable resolution (by button), 800-1000-1200-1600-2000 DPI.
16-In-One, 16 pre-defined mouse movements perform your favorite commands.
4-way wheel, smart vertical and horizontal scrolling.
Box Size: 16.5x50x4.5 cm
Product Weight: 1 kg

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