FORSA IR TOUCH FRAME LCD 15.6" Multi Touch Screen USB

FORSA IR TOUCH FRAME LCD 15.6" Multi Touch Screen USB

Product Code: MTS-156
Dimensions (L x W x H): 389 x 238 x 8 (Millimeter)
Weight: 6 Kilogram
Product details of FORSA IR TOUCH FRAME LCD 15.6" Multi Touch Screen USB


Mengubah LCD biasa menjadi touch screen dengan mudah. Anda hanya perlu menghubungkan kabel USB dengan port USB yang terdapat pada LCD monitor atau PC Anda. Tidak perlu membongkar LCD untuk memasang panel touch screen, tinggal tempel saja.

1. Stable and no drift
2. No light spots
3. High durability and quick response to touch of any opaque object
4. Easy to install
5. Plug and Play, no driver need
6. Support Multi touch
7. High quality with competitive price

1. Video conference system
2. Command center
3. Mall kiosks
4. Public venue directory
5. Interactive advertising
6. Hotel entertainment center
7. Weather forecast


Size 15.6 inch
Ratio 16:9
Touch Point 2 Point Touch
OS Support Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7/8, Android, Linux
Glass Thickness 3mm, Tempered Glass
The Interpolation Resolution 4096×4096
Touch Accuracy 1.5mm
Response Speed 15ms
Input Form/Method Finger, Gloved Hand, or Opaque Object
Output Form/Method Coordinated Output
Touch Times Unlimited
Touch Activation Force No Pressure Needed
Min. Touch Object 5mm
Identified Objective Any Opaque Objects With Diameter Over 5mm
Operation Method Plug and Play
Touch Method Finger Touch or Any Opaque Objects with Diameter Over 5mm
Working Environment Indoors and Outdoors
Power Supply USB, Power Ripple Max.200mV rms
Power Consumption 2W, Operating Current 200mA
Cable Lenght 1.2m
Outline Dimensions 376×225×10.5mm
Active Area 344×193 mm

*Mohon tanyakan ketersediaan stok produk terlebih dahulu sebelum membeli. Luangkanlah waktu untuk membaca deskripsi produk agar tidak terjadi kesalahan saat transaksi. Terima kasih.

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